Heroes of Lashan is Based in Northern Dunstrand of the Incarna.net Gaming System. It is an alternate timeline after the Defeat of the Lich Lords and Orrich have been push back and out of their once dominated territories. It is Reality/High-Fantasy with advanceced character with loads of magical items, some to start and some to find along the way. The characters are all high profile with their families being the ruling class in the Northern Territories of Lashan. They are all connected in many ways as they’ve grown up together. The group is well trained, outfitted and, equipment is personalized for them to start. They are the future leaders of Lashan and, must prepare for the eventual rulership and protection of the Northern Realms.

There are many enemies still looming, planning and plotting against the ruling families. This will be heavily plot and combat oriented as the lands of Lashan begin to shift and, their enemies begin to unleash new plans to reclaim their lost lands. Humans, Orrish, Undead and, other new races will collide for the control of the North…who will win?

Petrovich Lazerith Bael Godric Cleivnik Kavokh Vanokh

Heroes of Lashan

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