Lazerith Deiluke



Ability: Kinetic: 4, Magic: 1
MUS: 6 ( + 1CS)
STA: 4
VIT: 6 ( + 1CS)
HLT: 4
CRD: 7 ( + 1CS)
RCT: 7 ( + 1CS)
PER: 6 ( + 1CS)
INT: 4
RSN: 5
SAN: 3
CHA: 6 ( + 1CS)
WPR: 4

Appearance = 9 ( + 1CS) : Male, Age = 35, Hair = White, Eyes = Golden

Size = 15 , Height = 6’, Weight = 180lbs.
Good Luck, Twist of Fate, Light Sleeper, Over Confident, Daredevil, Equipment: Major, Toughness 3, Ambidextarity, Natural Acrobat: + 1CS [Mobility, Jump, Climb], Two-Weapon Combat, Weapons Master (Small Blades and, Scimtars; + 2CS while using, + 1 Init.), Danger Sense, Heightened Senses: Moderate ( + 3CS to Sight, Hearing and, Touch Checks/Skills etc. [Low Light Vision; Extreme/Negates 3 Degrees of Penalties/Instantly Acclimate to any Changes]), Ability Adaptation: Magic; [ 1], Mentors: [Lashan’s House Magus [Apprentice] and, Weapons Master/General of the Duke’s personal guards], Connections: [Thieves Guild Leader/Master Smith of House Lashan], Occult Reserve, Sharp Memory, Kinetic Facutly: 8 (Bending, Tearing, Power, Motion), Chi Pool, Cohesion pool, Mana Pool, Synergy Pool, Assets: ( 5), Currency: ( 5), Income: ( 5), Land: ( 5), Provisions: Extreme (Royal Family of Lashan), Residence: ( 5), Tithe: 50% to the Duke’s Family, Code of Conduct: Fialty to the Duke of Lashan
Language: Gladnorian; 4, Mercat; 2, Body Speak; 2 ( + 2CS = 4), Soak; 5, Evade; 5, Camouflage; 6, Stealth; 6, Melee; 4, Fend; 5, Propel; 4, Shoot; 2, Grapple; 3, Streetwise; 5, Mana Sense: 1 [Discern Magic/2 Mana], Mathmatics: 1, Astrology: 1, Literacy: 4, Methodology: 1,


Lazerith grew up in the courts of Lashan among the noble houses. He comes from a wealthy family of land Barrons but, his father is the Duke of Lashan’s own personal Huntsman. Lazerith always had a nack of finding trouble as he grew bored with the rich life. After his Tour of Duty in the East had been served, he bagan gaming with the guards and watchmen around the keep, chasing skirts of the young maidens and, used his unnatural luck and charm to gain the attention of a local thieves guild leader. He showed remarkable talent with his signiture Two-Weapon Style of fighting and, displayed great skills with his hands when dealing with doors, locks and, traps. Having grown bored, he struck out using the skills of a natural rogue, as a sense of excitment, and the thrill of boosting a coin purse or, breaking into the homes of the wealthy and, elite that Lazerith deemed worthy of such actions. It became a game of sorts to him to rise to the challange and, use the knowledge gained in the rumor-mills of the courts from the serving girls, cooks, cateriers, the watchmen and, guardsmen, all the way to the heralds, barons, earls etc. Always keeping a low profile for his real intentions as he goes about the courts. In the Guild, he is known as a wicked gambler, a rake, a bit of a show boat but, always confident and reliable when it comes to business. He’s amassed a bit of a small fortune on his own merit and, keeps a private warehouse down in the lower district to hide his spoils. He also ran a Gaming Hall down ing the Lower District for the Guild playing for the house. Being the Son of the Duke’s own Huntsman, he’s known as jovial prankster, a good and, loyal friend to the other friends of his that grew up with him in the upper houses of nobility, including the Dukes only son, his nephew(Petrovich), the twin sons of the Captian of the guards, the Son of the Duke’s personal smithy, and, the House Mage’s son. He is well connected in Lashan in both of the Upper and Lower districts, well versed in the streets and, knows them very well and, even served a Tour of Duty in the East against the Orrish for two years as, all able bodied men of servicable age must do in the Lands of Lashan. His Atheletic abilities made him a great scout in the East on the front lines, on deep excursions into the Darklands and, on his many missions and night raids. On several occasions he clame close to getting himself killed but, fought bravely and, was a decorated with honors for saving his Band of Warriors and so, was gifted with a beautifully designed dagger with a visious blade for serving in the Army of Lashan’s Defences against the Dark forces of the East. Lazerith prefers Two-weapon combat and uses the pair of twin Scimtars that were a Gift from his Father before leaving for the East.


Lazerith Deiluke

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