Godric Lashan

Son of the Duke of Lashan/Future ruler of Lashan/ Warrior


Aptitude: Kinetic 4 (Warrior’s Path/Warrior Kit: Attr; MUS, Skill; Melee/Armed, Cost -1CP to raise MUS/Attr., All Melee learning checks = +1CS)

MUS: 8 ( + 1CS)

STA: 6 ( + 1CS)

VIT: 8 ( + 1CS)

HLT: 6 ( + 1CS)

CRD: 6 ( + 1CS)

RCT: 4

PER: 4

INT: 4

RSN: 4

SAN: 4

CHA: 6 ( + 1CS)

WPR: 4

Appearance: 4/Male, Age = 36, Hair = Brown, Eyes = Green

Size = 13, Height = 6’2" , Weight = 194 lbs.
Good Luck, Equipment
Language: Gladnorian 4


Godric is the son of the Duke of Lashan, future ruler of lands of Lashan and, an exceptional Warrior. In many ways, the life of Godric has been easy, well cared for and, highly trained in his personal persuits but, on the other comes with it many expectations and, restrictions to stear the direction of his course. Godric can be very on point when he needs too but, rebels internially at the requirements and pressures of his responsabilities to the people of Lashan. For now, he does what he has to out of obligation but, often day dreams of times when pressures won’t be so high and, feel like everyones eye are on him. This feeling has given him intrests outside of the Castle keeps walls and, far from his home as he’s prone to wonder about on personal interests to take in what ever form of leave and vacation can be afforded him. Godric revels in combat as a welcome distraction and, is a brilliant tactition, a student of military history and, tactic’s. Growning up in the harsh climbes of the Northern lands of Lashan has toughened Godric both physically and, spiritually. The ever present danger of the Orrish and, undead that were pushed back out of the region are always on a constant campaign to reclaim their territories lost. There are many raids and skirmishes abound, as well as the bandits as they prey on weary travelers. These are still considered wild lands for the most part by the lands to the South as the people of Lashan are true Pioneer’s into the heart of these once frozen wastes and, savage lands. Godric served his tour of Duty in the North and, a second Tour in the East to better study and, learn about his enemies and, their tactic’s in the ways of war. Godric’s equipment is exceptional quality and, the Duke has spared no expense to see him out-fitted for his protection. Due to his tendancy to wonder, his parents gave him a ring of location to track his movements in times of need but, mostly his parents try to give him his pravacy. Much is counting on his continued survival for the future of Lashan and, his father has set him up to be surrounded by the best he could muster, the sons of his closest friends and advisors and, hope that this would help keep him safe and, help him in his future years with a solid group of friends to call his own to him lead the powers of Lashan’s.

Godric Lashan

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