Bael "The Bat" Mielcarek

Magus/Son of the Duke's House Mage.


Aptitude: Magic 4/Kinetic 1, Magus Archetype (Path of the Magus) Apt: Magic, Attr: Reason; – 1CP to Raise to next level, Skill Group: Sorcery(Methodology), + 1CS to all learning Check w/in Skill Group, + 5 Base/Mana, + 5 Apprentice Spells, Knowledge of Periatary Spell; ALU bonus to a Single Spell, AP/Mana Exchange; 1AP:10 Mana Instantly, Start with Personal Library, 1st Level of Literacy (Free), Glyph of Self; Necklace/Amulet (Grants + 1 CS Meditaion) , Crystal Broach of Reserve: + 1CS Occoult Reservoir, Byfocals of Revieling/Reserve; + 1CS Mana Sense/ + 1CS Occult Reservoir, Fetishes: [Focus/Channel/Store Energy+Powers] Hat, Staff, Robe, Cloak, Dagger


STA 6 ( + 1cs)

VIT 9 ( + 1cs)


CRD 6 ( + 1cs)


PER 6 ( + 1cs)

INT 6 ( + 1cs)

RSN 8 ( + 1cs)



WPR 8 ( + 1cs)

Appearance = 5 (6 = + 1CS): Male, Age = 35, Hair = Black wavy hair , Eyes = Ice Blue

Size = 14, Height = 6’, Weight = 160lbs.

Resilience: 9×14 = 126 + (Toughness/Toughened: 6 + 3 = 9)= 135

Traits: Adapt-III; (Additional Upbringing-Free/ Mage Apprentice-Training/since Birth), Urban: (Law, Society, Geography, Streetwise), Social Class: Upper/Middle (Assets; 8, Currency; 8, Equipment; Major/Fetishes,etc., Income; 4(76%), Land; 4, Residency; 4 (Father’s Demitional Tower + his own Personal Lab and Library for Research/Studies) at Duke of Lashan’s Castle, Enemy; 2, Obligation; 1, Connections; 2 minor, Literacy, Ettequete, + 1/Lang., + 1/Literacy

Tour of Duty: [South] Survial; Arid/Lowlands; 2, Propel; 3, Combat Equipment; (x3), Shoot; 1, Evade;1 Familarity: Bows, Lore: Borderlands; 2, Border Speak; 2, Toughened (3), Healing Potions [10res] (3), + 1CS Bandit Saddle [ + 2/Ride Skill/ + 4CS w/Gear], Dragonbone Arrows [ 20] + 1CS vs. Unarmored Targets, Special Find; [Critical: + 1CS Bow of Self/Loading + Quiver] (1 AM Load/1 AM Fire= 3 Arrows/Rnd. max) Arrows are reloaded from Quiver+ never runs out of Arrows. Complusion: Fastidious [Well Groomed Hair/Clothes] ( + 1CS APP, + 1RS Incounter Reactions [ Male/Female] ), Youthful Apperience: [Slowed Aging], Martial Magus: Personal Tactics; 2 ( + 1CS = 3 [ + 1 Init./ + 1RS vs. Knock Back/Interruption/ Avoid Manuver vs. 2 Immediate Targets w/out penalty] ), Team Tactics: 2 ( + 2CS = 4 [ Block/Parry for another w/out penalty, Shared Defense/Attack = Shield Wall/Simulatanous Melee Attack), Combat Shooting: 1 ( + 2CS = 3 [ Firing into Combat/Targeting/Tracking] ), Iron Will: 1 ( + 1CS = 2), Magial Attunment: Treated as [ + 1CS with all Magical Skills/Abilities, Studious: , Ability Adaptation: Kinetic; 1, Toughness: 1 [ 6×1 = + 6Res.]


Bael Mielcarek, nicknamed “The Bat” after the Translation of his first name, his affinity and, his obervational studies in his fathers Labratories in the Towers of Lashan’s Castle Keep Proper. As a birthday gift early in his career as a young magus, his father gave him a mystical companion, the Bat named Astrid. Astrid serves several functions (See GM’s Notes) and needs but, most of all as Bael’s friend during his long studies in the Towers, where most other beings are unaware of it’s existance at all and, even fewer still are premitted access to it. Bael showed an unatural high aptitude for magical arts at an early age as noted by the Duke and other court members…some even rumor that his Father Galen “The Thunder-Barrier” Meilcarek, found a way to embue the child with a way to detect and alter the weave. Galen just smiles or, scowls depending on who’s asking but, he never gives an answer to this inquary, even his oldest and closest of friends, the Duke himself is unaware of when, where or, how Galen aquired the child…as he’s never even known him to have a wife or, lady of intrest. “Always to busy with his studies in the Lab and, with his duties around the Realms”, Galen would always reply. In that, Bael is as diligant as his Father. Bael knows that one day he may be asked to take his fathers place and, if it does? he wants to be ready. Bael generally keeps to himself and, with his other friends of the Keep…people tend to ask him many favors, messages for his father or, to do minor parlor tricks. Luckily, Lashan is highly tolerant of mages, are used to magics and, magical items. It is a major export around the realm and, to the territories to the South. Galen has his own magus guild called, “The Thundering Cliffs” and, it is dedicated to the protection and safety of Lashan in all things.

Bael "The Bat" Mielcarek

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